October 5, 2017

Employment Opportunities

Above positions are full-time which includes benefits such as medical, dental, and vision insurances, pension/retirement, sick and vacation leave accrual, bereavement leave, determined paid holidays, and other fringe benefits.



Greene County – Greeneville EMS is now hiring full-time and part-time Paramedics and AEMTs. We offer great pay and benefits package. If you are interested, please send your resume to: Greeneville/ Greene County EMS 815 West Summer St. Greeneville, TN 37745 or call 423-798-1720 for more information.


The Greene County Health Department (GCHD), which is a county public health department of the Tennessee Department of Health, offers preventive dental services to children and limited services to adults who are in emergency need of relief of pain. No narcotics are kept on premises or prescribed. The Dentist in this position will manage daily operations of the clinic including clinical supervision of one Dental Assistant. Agreements with Greene County and Greeneville City school systems allow for students to be transported to the health department for preventive care during the school year. This partnership is a hallmark of services provided by GCHD and is well respected by families and community partners. Please contact Shaun Street, County Director, or Dr. Alisa Cade, Regional Dental Director, for additional information about the position and this area. Director Street can be reached at 423-798-1749 and Dr. Cade can be reached at 423-979-4651. EEO/AA.

Hours of operation are steady with a 37.5 hour work week; the local health department features 12 to 13 paid holidays per year in addition to both sick and annual (personal) leave which accrues monthly for this position. The cost of living in the area is very modest, malpractice insurance is paid by the County and there is no overhead cost to the dentist. Opportunity to apply for loan repayment is available for NHSC scholars and the Tennessee Student Loan Repayment Program (TSLRP) at this site. NHSC and TSLRP participants are required to work the additional 2.5 hours of administrative time each to satisfy the 40 hour work week.

Deputy Clerk

Greene County Government is seeking a full-time Deputy Clerk.  The position will pay $10.12 per hour at 37.5 hours per week.  Medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and other insurances offered.  State retirement through TCRS.  Please send resumes to the Human Resources department at erinelmore@greenecountytngov.com.

Responsibilities and Qualifications

·         Serve the Greene County Chancery Court and the Clerk & Master’s Office, as a “Court Clerk” with bookkeeping and computer skills [including use of Excel]. – Work is subject to State audit.

·         Responsible for front counter duties in the Clerk & Master’s Office, efficiently serving the public, as well as perform necessary duties for the orderly administration of the Greene County Chancery Court, as listed on the attached.

·         Attend annual training as dictated by the law and as required by the Clerk & Master and/or the Court.

·         Maintain strict adherence to confidentiality, with respect to Court sessions and Court filings, while specifically complying with the Public Records Act and others provisions in the law and Court Rules.

Qualifications and Education Requirements

·         Advanced degree (beyond High School Diploma). {Extensive experience coupled with other training may be an adequate substitute for an advanced degree.}

·         Knowledgeable about implementation and use of current technologies.

·         Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.

·         Aptitude to deal with conflict, work under pressure and at a fast pace, while maintaining accuracy, with a good attitude. (The position requires a great deal of accuracy due to the complexity and detailed nature of the information utilized.)

Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to successful conclusion.

·         Preparing office for the day (i.e. opening front office door at least by 7:50 a.m., opening cabinets, rolling file stamps to current date, changing date on calendar, starting all computers, unlocking doors, etc.).

·         Answering the telephone and assisting callers.

·         Filing Court documents, in appropriate place and in appropriate date order.

·         Processing chancery/probate papers coming into the office [in person, by mail and by fax], with correctly dated filed stamp, lodged stamp or entered stamp.

·         Inputting data (with key words) of filed documents into Rule Docket entries, in computerized case management, and then physically placing filings into appropriate places (i.e. lodged tray, Court file, etc.).

·         Assisting attorneys and their support staff in determining the Chancellor’s available Greene County court dates, as well as assist in setting matters on the Court’s Docket.

·         Assisting in pulling files for court and examining each case to determine if all required paperwork is filed and is in proper order in the Court’s file, with said files conveniently contained.

·         Receipting payments and insuring security of same, pursuant to Internal Controls.

·         Researching and assisting the public in the payment of delinquent taxes.

·         Opening up and preparing the Chancery courtroom for holding court (i.e. opening doors, turning on computers & scanner, turning on sound system, turning on copier, arranging furniture appropriately within the Bar, placing legal pads pens/pencils for the Chancellor)

·         Assisting in courtroom on court days, when needed.

·         Opening the mail, when delegated to do so, and processing each document appropriately.

·         Assisting with the filings & processing of decedents’ estates paperwork, with emphasis on assisting in processing new creditors’ claims, as well as responding to decedents’ estates inquiries.

·         Opening new lawsuits, (i.e. divorces, contract/debt, land disputes, adoptions etc.)

·         Opening new adoptions and sending letters to TN Department of Children’s services in Nashville and Johnson City.

·         Assisting the public and attorneys with record checks or anything else that may be needed, as well as fulfilling formal Records Requests.

·         Assisting the inputting of all trial exhibits, in Rule Docket entries, as well as storing any exhibits properly (with retrieval information in Court file and in computerized case management).

·         Filing and processing child support paperwork and sending it to either GCSD or CSE for service of process.

·         Delivering Orders of Protection to the GCSD and Greeneville Police Department for service of process.

·         Monitoring Court files for proof of parent education:

·         preparing Show Cause Order/Notice for parents, who have failed to file proof of parent education, for the Clerk & Master’s review and approval.

·         monitoring Court files for parent education requirement compliance, as well as transmitting Show Cause Order/Notice to the U.S.P.S. and/or GCSD for service.

·         ensuring that all incarcerated parents, who have failed to attend parenting class, are notified fittingly.

·         Taking deposits and/or bank bag(s) to appropriate bank(s), when delegated to do so, as well as retrieving bank bag(s).

·         Copying and certifying Chancery Court Orders; as well as “true” copying documents for attorneys and the public.

·         Closing the office and courtroom at the end of the day, as well as other applicable times (i.e. closing cabinets, shades, securing filing stamps/seal, turning off various machines, locking the doors, windows, etc.).

·         Attending all required Court Clerk training and other staff training.

·         Proofing various documents for the Clerk & Master & assisting the Clerk and Master in anything needed.

·         JOB SHADOWING, as dictated by the Clerk & Master, for the purpose of cross-training.

Along with responsibilities above, performing tasks as stated in the office’s Internal Controls Assessment, as well as performing tasks that become apparent as time ensues.

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