October 3, 2017


The Greene County Clerk & Master is custodian of court records for three courts: Chancery Court, Equity Division of Circuit Court and Domestic Relations Division of General Sessions Court. This involves the filing and maintenance of various types of lawsuits, i.e., divorce, land disputes, workers’ compensation, conservatorships, adoptions/name changes, contract/debt disputes. The maintenance of the Chancery Court docket, including the setting of motions, pretrial matters and docket sounding is the responsibility of the Clerk & Master.

In addition, the Greene County Clerk & Master’s office is also responsible for the filing of delinquent tax suits filed by Greene County and the City of Greeneville. This involves the collection of the delinquent taxes and if necessary, the auction of property as a result of nonpayment.

The Clerk and Master’s office provides forms that may be necessary to seek an Order of Protection. The office also assists a person who is not represented by counsel by providing other assistance as is necessary for the filing of the petition.

In all lawsuits, the Clerk & Master is responsible for the billing and collection of state and county litigation taxes as well as court costs. This court clerk’s office reports to the state with regard to the collection of litigation taxes and the filing/type of each lawsuit.

The Clerk & Master’s office strives to efficiently and courteously assist the public, attorneys, and judges in obtaining access to court records.

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Office Information

Greene County Courthouse; Lower Level
101 South Main Street; Greeneville, TN 37743

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed at Lunchtime

Telephone Number
(423) 798-1742

Fax Number
(423) 798-1743


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