October 3, 2017


The Greene County Office of Accounts and Budgets, is responsible for accounting and
budgeting for all county offices, except for the Board of Education. This responsibility includes making sure the county books are kept in compliance with all state and local rules and regulations and in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). This office works closely with the Budget Committee, the Insurance Committee, and the County Commission in all areas of finance.

All annual budgets, except for the Board of Education, are coordinated and prepared in this
office and each budget is monitored throughout the year to make sure every office operates
within the guidelines of the adopted budget. The final budget document for Greene County
including the schools is coordinated and published by this office.

This Office manages all debt for the county including the issuance, retirement, and
refinancing. Currently, the County has an “A1” debt rating by Moody’s Rating System for both general obligation debt and education debt.

Relative to accounting and bookkeeping responsibilities, this office prepares all payrolls,
pays all bills, records all revenue, and prepares month-end and year-end reports except for
the Board of Education. In addition, it is responsible for preparing for and coordinating the
annual audit except for the Board of Education. The audit is completed by auditors from the
Comptroller of the Treasury for the State of Tennessee as prescribed by governing statutes
and routinely released within six months of the close of the June 30th fiscal year.

The Director of Accounts & Budgets, Danny Lowery, and his staff also work with the County Mayor in developing financial information for the various departments, the Budget Committee, and the County Commission. This office pays a key role in making sure the County is and stays in a
stable financial position.


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Danny Lowery, II 

Director of Accounts & Budgets-Greene County, Tennessee

 204 North Cutler Street Suite 202, Courthouse Annex

 Greeneville, TN 37745 office 423-798-1703 fax 423-798-1767

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